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Why We Need Print for Marketing


Today, more than ever, the battle for a piece of the consumer’s mind is harsher and tougher. More and more businesses are born, and they all need access to the same miraculous thing: the buying decision. On the other hand, the technological advancement is faster than ever with the Internet as the primary source of innovation and money: social media, mobile apps, online shops, they are all ingredients in today’s puzzle. Under these circumstances, let’s face it, most of the marketing efforts go online as it

offers the magic formula: less money for more exposure. Who would want more? It’s practically them heaven for all marketers.


However, we still need print. It may seem ancient history, in particular for the millennials. But wait, dear young marketers, don’t rush to grab your smartphone and remember these 2 rules:


  1. The battle is for the consumer’s mind, so it’s not a contest regarding the technique, it’s not about going online or print, it’s about how to stay out of the crowd.

  2. The easy and cheap ways of doing things (Internet versus print, in our debate) tend to become crowded and when in crowd it’s very difficult or even impossible to innovate, to excel and to be seen.


Of course, you are free to build your marketing budget as you wish, don’t’ get us wrong! Online is awesome, and you have to be there, but don’t minimize or exclude the old ways of doing things as they can bring you some valuable insights and great experiences. Especially when the others prefer staying crowded.


Is it print still necessary in a campaign? Definitely yes. Why?


The print can stay longer with your potential customer. Think of all the ads and articles in a magazine: they can be read again in a month or two while on the Internet an ad can pop up now and vanish within the next 3 seconds.


By the way, banners are awful sometimes. They are either extremely annoying, or they disappear too fast and you don’t’ get to read them. Not to mention the danger of viruses if you click on them. It seems print is safer. It brings no spams and viruses.


As we’ve already stated it, everybody is on the Internet nowadays. So there’s a lot of place for your

voice in the print market. Use the room as an advantage and create spectacular prints. We believe you can even get some impressive prices as the printing providers are ready for some discounts.


Printed paper is easier to be read than digital text. And everybody feels this, no matter how much we love the online. Think of an e-reader: why does the manufacturer prefer to design its screen features (letters, luminosity) similar to those of a book?


The print is not just paper. Remember about the variety of the promotional items (pens, T-shirts, stickers, magnets, etc.) than can tell your customer about your brand year over year.


Printing your innovative ideas does not mean you are not digital. Just use all the weapons in your favor and think that sometimes one weapon is more appropriate for a particular target.


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